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Oral health care, regular check-ups, cleaning and more

Daily home care, proper nutrition, and regular checkups & cleanings are the tools we recommend to maintain good dental health. 

It is essential to have your teeth checked up by a profession every 6 months. However, it may be recommended more or less often depending on your oral health needs. If you have not had a dental check in the last 12 months, we highly recommend you book for a thorough examination to evaluate the health of your teeth and gums.

We provide NO GAP check up plan for the children eligible with CDBS and the patients with HCF and CBHS private insurances.


Dental care for the children

We love seeing our younger patients and getting them excited about dentistry and caring for their oral health. Bringing your children in with you to your appointment helps familiarise them with our practice environment so they’ll be more relaxed when having their check-up.

Child dental services may also be eligible for government funding for kids aged between 2 and 17.


Straight Teeth

Orthodontic treatment can improve the appearance, health and function of the teeth and jaws. It is the branch of dentistry that deals with diagnosis, prevention and treatment of problems in the alignment of teeth and jaws.

Specialist referral is also available and should you desire or require more specialised care, we are happy to guide you to the most appropriate people. We work regularly with our specialist referral network who can offer specialist orthodontic care. Ask for a free consultation with Dr Han Kang.


Fillings, Wisdom teeth extraction, Crowns, Implants, Dentures, Night splints and more

Sometimes damage to your smile can result from unfavourable genes, childhood neglect, illness or injury, heavy grinding or lifestyle factors. This means more complex care may be needed to rebuild your mouth. Our dentists are experienced in all aspects of complex dental care – from implant treatment, crown and bridge work, to management of the joint and muscle complex (TMJ) to allow a healthy, functioning and pain-free smile.


For a beautiful smile

We are here to help you achieve the smile you have always wanted. We’ll discuss with you the many options available and create a tailored treatment plan. These cosmetic dental procedures will ensure your teeth are healthy, have the correct alignment so they bite correctly, as well as look beautiful.