Frequently Asked Questions

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Emergency information

If you are an emergency case requiring immediate attention afterhour, please visit Cowra Hospital. You will be given an instruction and if needed, will be transferred to us.

What can I expect at an appointment?

When you arrive at the Cowra Dental Practice, the staff will greet you and seat you at the waiting room. We will examine you as quick as possible.

What happens if I am a new patient?

You may have referred yourself, have been referred by another dentist. We will discuss your problem and ask about your medical history. A thorough examination will then follow. We may request examinations and tests to assist and support our diagnosis.

Do you have Imaging (x-rays, CT-scan) facilities?


Intra-oral x-rays, panoramic mouth views (OPG), CT-scan can be performed on location.

Do you examine children at your clinic?


Insurance and Billing

Do you accept my insurance?

Our Practice accepts most of the recognized Insurance companies.

If this is not your case, or if you have no insurance coverage then you will be expected to pay the bill in cash or credit card at the end of consultation.

An estimate of consultation fees and costs, investigations or surgery are available on request.

Do I need approval?

In case of Worker’s compensation or car accidents claims, the approval form can be sent from the insurance company to us by fax or e-mail. We suggest that you contact your insurance in order to obtain this approval before your visit to our offices. Or, our friendly staff will assist you to get the approval from the insurance company.

Do you have payment plans?

Yes. Cowra Dental Practice is proud to be partnered with MySmilePlan to help others access the dental care they need, when they need it.

What is MySmilePlan?
MySmilePlan is a dental payment plan powered by Openpay that allows patients to pay off their treatment in fortnightly installments. There are three types of treatment plan available.

What are the different treatment plans?
• 3-month plan: $0 – $500 in dental treatment
• 9-month plan: $501 – $2000 in dental treatment
• 15-month plan: $2001 – $9000 in dental treatment

Will I need to pay a deposit?
Yes. Before commencing the payment plan, patients will need to deposit 20% of their total treatment. Luckily, there is 0% interest for the entire plan, making it that much easier for our patients’ pockets.

How do I apply for MySmilePlan?
Applying for MySmilePlan is very simple and easy. There is no paperwork needed as the application is done online by the dental staff. All patients need to provide is an Australian photo ID (driver’s licence, passport or proof of age card) and their contact details. A quick 2-minute credit check will be conducted and if the patient is eligible, then MySmilePlan will be ready for use. Because the credit check is done by the MySmilePlan system, patients will not need to worry about their credit history being seen.

Please visit for more information or your can download more information here.

Do you have parking facilities?


Free Parking is available in front and around the Practice.